Graphic Designer & Photgrapher

About Her

My name is Susanna, and I’m the Designer & Photographer of all the thought & visual work curated here.

You’d be right to guess that I have a serious weak spot for beautiful photographs and paper goods, I really just love pretty things in general. I like to think this site will be a way for me to share my work, ideas & thoughts while rethinking and redefining my practice.

My place in the completely cosmopolitan industry of charming Singapore, is that of a– thinking designer. The worth of an idea to me, simply depends on its social value, how it edifies people. (Read more on my Design Manifesto)

Susanna graduated with Distinction from RMIT, with a BA in Communication Design.


Outside Graphic Design & Photography

Camera & iMac aside, I’m comfortable with an acoustic guitar, especially loving jazz music. With a penchant towards travel and dreaming, an absolute treat would be to expound on new ideas with friends, over a darn good steak, eggs benedict or blueberry pie. A few of my other die-hard habits include: reading, spending too much time in bookstores, eating dessert for breakfast & baking.

So nice to meet you.

One comment on “About Her

  1. glow
    December 12, 2012

    Numero Uno FAN!

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