Facing Genocide


Burma has had a long history of military regime rule. One of the most devastating consequences being the structured genocide against the ethnic hill tribes living at the Burmese border next to Thailand.

Our scheduled trip was converted to a medical relief trip following an arson which burned down a few villages. The refugees fled to neighboring Thailand, however emergency supplies provided by the local Thais soon ran out.

Our team was sent with aid from Singapore. We sorted and distributed supplies. These are some of the photographs documenting the mission.


(This image was selected to be featured in the 2010 Noise Singapore Photo Exhibition)


The team also took the time to play games with the children. The adults commented that this was the happiest they had been ever since they lost their home.


When the fire raged, these children were at school. They fled with their teachers, and did not know where their parents were.


This photograph sums up our trip. It wasn’t just the supplies we were bringing up, we climbed a slippery and dangerous mountain to get to where they were living, just to say “I care”. This girl’s face sums up the gratitude of the people, otherwise forgotten.




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