A Lawyer

An identity project for Singaporean lawyer Jamie Neo. This deck of playing cards was crafted to provide a quick peek into her thoughts & character. Through a quick game of bridge, you’d come away knowing more about her than you’d think possible.  All copy was gleaned from a personal interview with her, exploring her beliefs, profession & quirks. The deck is split into four portions– Ethos & beliefs, Profession, Quirks, Personality. In the respective suites– Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts.

Jamie is not your run off the mill lawyer– in the profession for the money. It does not help that the sector she works in, teems with the cunning & greedy. With the glitz and glamor of being a lawyer (hence the gold flamboyant card case), she holds a different set of beliefs than most. In a world where words are quick and time is gold, this would give her a leg up in helping her partner with the right clients & serve passionately for the marginalized as she desires.

One comment

  1. Absolutely amazing, this is called redefining the box thinking!

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