Fetching Wit (link), is line of stationery & printed pieces encouraging
an appreciative culture in Singapore.

In many Asian societies, encouragement & appreciation takes a backseat in everyday conversation. When a significant occasion rolls around, a customary card with pre-written words & a gift is sent out.  If you ask, many children would have received truck-loads of gifts, but will be able to count with one hand, the number of times they have heard– “I love you.” from their parents.

After making a mountain of custom stationery & cards for my close friends & family over the years, they’ve come to anticipate the difference. Once, I came with only a gift for a close friend’s birthday celebration, as I was swamped with work. She demanded to have the card even though it would be a month late.

Here’s hoping the line would change the place words have in Singaporean culture, and to make the better words take on their rightful fetching (meaning: handsome/ beautiful) physicality.

Shop Fetching Wit (here)

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